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Science Investigatory Project (Part 3)

I & II. Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis

Why did you choose this product as your project?

This product was accidentally chosen by our group. It all started when we were walking towards our home, as we were about to pass the market, a tiny red fruit caught our attention, it was Rambutan, we decided to buy a kilo. We ate the fruit, and it tastes delicious and pleasing but we were disappointed with the bitter taste of the seed. One of us suggested making a study about the seed and how can we generate this useless seed into something new and functional thing. And here it is, the outcome of our studies, the one that can suit your taste buds, the newest spread in the world, the Rambo butter.

Does Rambo Butter contains toxic compounds which can be harmful for our health?

Actually, yes, it contains saponin and tannin, but our creative minds made it vanished along mixing it with other ingredients and by processing it, too, therefore, it is edible and will not cause any harm to our health but rather it will give us nutrients which can help us to perform many activities and works.

What are the nutrients we can acquire from this product?

Seed fat: the seed kernel yields 37-43% of a solid, white fat or tallow resembling cacao butter. When heated, it becomes a yellow oil having an agreeable scent. Its fatty acids are: palmitic, 2.0%; stearic, 13.8%; arachidic, 34.7%; oleic, 45.3%; and ericosenoic, 4.2%. Fully saturated glycerides amount to 1.4%.

III. Significance of the Study
Rambo butter will surely give more momentous uses in our lives. It can lessen our expenses; since the ingredients of this product are can be generated from the seed of Rambutan. Buying a kilo of rambutan will double your happiness; you can enjoy the sweet and sour blend of the fruit plus the outcome of the processing of the raw seed. It can be an alternative spread for peanut butter, strawberry jam, ube jam and many more. The contentment reaction you can attain in tasting this product will inspire anybody’s aura. It will enable you to execute many tasks and chores because of the nutrients you can obtain from this product.

IV. Scope and Limitation
This product can serve as your breakfast including toasted bread and as your snack. This can also be used by frustrated mother in kitchen works, out there! It can give nutrients to your body, making you full of strength to carry out many activities and works. It can be the newest; most preferred and desired spread in the world, the Rambo butter.

V. Related Studies
Rambutan is very valuable in all aspects; as medicine, as food and as chemical which is used in the production of soaps and candles.
The above said uses of Rambutan were proven effective by the experts and professionals. And as a contribution in the field of science, 3 students from III-St. Francis of Assisi formulated another use of Rambutan which is the above said Rambo butter.

VI. Review of Related Literature
There were conducted researches that are related to this project such as:
Rambutan Medicine: The fruit (perhaps unripe) is astringent, stomachic; acts as a vermifuge, febrifuge, and is taken to relieve diarrhea and dysentery. The leaves are poulticed on the temples to alleviate headache. In Malaya the dried fruit rind is sold in drugstores and employed in local medicine. The astringent bark decoction is a remedy for thrush. A decoction of the roots is taken as a febrifuge.
Rambutan furnitures: The tree is seldom felled. However, the wood–red, reddish-white, or brownish–is suitable for construction though apt to split unless carefully dried.

Science Investigatory Project (Part 2)


The rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae, and the fruit of this tree. It is probably native to Southeast Asia, although its precise natural distribution is unknown. It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the Lychee, Longan and Mamoncillo. It is believed to be native to the Malay Archipelago where the name quite literally means "hairy." In Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, it is known as mamón chino.

Rambutan is a very delicious food known to its sweet and sour blend that is really pleasing and suits one’s taste buds. But despite all these, there is something in the fruit that we often consider as useless material and a hindrance in our meal because it makes us to do the job slower, the seed. How can we make these seeds useful to whatever means? Here’s the answer, the Rambo butter, the newest spread in the world that will bring you the delightful taste of rambutan seed and will make you refuse to believe that these seeds tastes bitter.


Our tests and experiments made us to believe that these useless seeds are can be generated into something unusual. Its bitter taste vanished after mixing it along with the other ingredients. Its toxic compounds also disappeared after some sorts of test and experiments had been done.


Conducted tests and experiments made us to conclude that we can create spread from rambutan seeds. Even though these seeds contain toxic materials such as saponin and tannin, our creative mind made it disappear and edible, it is also useful not only to a frustrated mother in terms of giving her children a good and nutritious food but also to everyone out there who seeks something new and different from what we have right now.


Rambo butter is not an ordinary home made spread but rather a product which needs proper:
1. Ingredients.
2. Procedures to be made.
3. Use of materials needed.
Its delicious taste suits everyone’s taste buds especially those of children. It is also good for people who are suffering from health disorders for it contains nutritious compounds.

Tunay na diwa ng pasko

Nanay: Diba sabi ko h’wag kang aalis sa bahay? Sa’n ka na naman galing? Pa’no na lang kung naaksidente ka, sinong magpapagamot sa’yo? Alam mo namang ang hirap ng buhay ngayon eh!
Anak: Dun lang naman po ako galing kina Joey eh…saka naglaro lang naman po kami.
Nanay: Laro ng laro, kung tumutulong ka dito sa bahay.
(Baby Crying)
Nanay: Oh, puntahan mo muna si Junior, umiiyak dun, baka nagugutom. Kunin mo sa lamesa ang gatas n’ya.
Anak: Opo
(Papasok ang tatay)
Tatay: Oh, andito na ako…
Anak: ‘Tay!
Nanay: Oh Alex ‘and’yan ka na pala.
Tatay: Nga pala, eto oh, may dala akong pansit, kain na kayo.
Nanay: Oh, Jerry ilagay mo na din ang dala ng tatay mo.
Tatay: Ako na ang maglalagay.
(Lalapit ang anak sa tatay)
Anak: ‘Tay pwede po ba akong magpabili ng bisikleta sa inyo?
Tatay: Ahh…ehh… anak pwedeng pwede! Kaso hindi pa kaya ng sweldo ko ang ganong kamahal na laruan.
Anak: ahh.. ganun po ba?
Tatay: Di bale anak pag-iipunan ko ‘yun. Pasensya ka na ha, ang dami lang talaga nating gastos.
Anak: Ayos lang po ‘yun ‘tay
(Dadaan ang isang pamilya magkwekwentuhan tungkol sa mga regalo)
Anak: Buti pa sila.
Nanay: Jerry bumili ka nga muna ng tinapay sa palengke.
Anak: Sige po.
Nanay: Oh eto ang 20 pesos, ‘yung murang tinapay lang ha…mag-iingat ka!
(Lalakad, maaakit sa mga laruan sa paligid)
Anak: Wow, ang ganda naman nito
Ale: Oh, bibili ka ba?
Anak: Hindi po, tumitingin lang po ako.
Ale: Oh s’ya s’ya ‘wag mo ng tingnan at baka malasin pa ako, sige na! dun ka…
(Magpapatuloy sa paglakad)
Anak: Sana may bagong damit at laruan din ako.
(Makikita ang mag-inang namimili ng mga laruan)
Anak: Buti pa siya.
(Patuloy ang pagtingin sa mga laruan, hanggang sa mamalayang nawawala na siya)
Anak: Hala! Asan na ako? Lagot na naman ako kay Nanay! Anong gagawin ko? Ahhh…
Anak: Nagugutom na ako…aray ang sakit na ng tiyan ko, aha, may pera nga pala ako, bibili muna ako ng tinapay! Pero sa’n ako bibili ng tinapay eh naliligaw nga ako? Saka asan ‘yung pera? Nandito lang ‘yun kanina eh! Ala! Sinong kumuha nun? Patay! Lagot
na naman ako kay Nanay! Ang malas ko naman! Aray ang sakit na talaga ng tiyan ko, mabuti pa atang tumulog muna ako para mawala na ang sakit.
Narrator: Nakatulog si Jerry dahil sa kumakalam na sikmura, hindi n’ya magawang makauwi dahil hindi n’ya alam kung saan ang tamang daan. Samantalang…
Nanay: Ang tagal naman ni Jerry, sa’n na naman kaya nagsuot ang batang yu’n?
Tatay: Baka naman may tiningnan lang.
(Kukunin ng Nanay ang umiiyak na bata.)
Nanay: Kung sundan mo muna kaya siya, Alex?
Tatay: Masyado na ngang gumagabi, mabuti pa ngang sundan ko na s’ya.
Narrator: At sinundan nga ni Alex ang kanyang anak. Sa kabilang dako naman…Napakahimbing ng pagkakatulog ni Jerry hanggang sa pasukin n’ya ang mundo ng panaginip.
(Fairies’ entrance: dance)
(Kung anu-anong gagawin ng ibang fairy: Laro, kanta, sayaw, etc.)
Anak: Sino kayo? Asan ako? Bakit iba ang hitsura niyo?
Fairy1: Mga diwata kami, Nasa Fairylandia ka. Tingin ka dun oh, nand’yan ‘yung camera!
Fairy2: Gaga! Wala kayang camera d’yan, kita mo namang ang daming taong nanonood sa atin oh! Live na live pa!
Fairy3: Oo nga!
Anak: Teka nga lang, bakit ba ako nandito? Saka, hindi ko pa kayo kilala! Baka mamaya eh, kung anong gawin n’yo sa’kin!
Fairy1: Ano ka ba! Hindi kami masasama, ako si Inang Fairy!
Fairy2: Ako naman si F1
Fairy3: At ako naman si F2
Anak: Wow, parang Afficionado! May F1 at F2
Fairy1 & 2: Pabango ba kami?
Anak: Ahhmm hindi, pero mabango naman kayo!
Fairy1: Ngayong nandito ka na sa Fairylandia, Hindi ka na malulungkot, lagi na tayong maglalaro, lagi tayong kakain, diba nagugutom ka?
Anak: Opo, nagugutom na nga ako.
Fairy2: Halika at kakain tayo!
Anak: Ang sarap naman, sana ganito araw-araw!
Fairy2: Hindi lang ‘yan ano! Gusto mo ban g mga laruan?
Anak: Syempre naman po! Bibigyan nyo rin po ba ako?
Fairy3: Oo Naman, halika, sumama ka sa’kin at ipapakita ko sa’yo ang mga bagong laruan mo!
Anak: Talaga po!
Fairy3: Oo naman!
Fairy1: Oh bakit parang ang lungkot mo?
Anak: Po? Ako? Malungkot? Hindi po ah, ang saya-saya ko nga eh! Akala ko nga sa Fairy tales lang merong ganito.
Fairy2: Tara laro ulit tayo?
Anak: Sige po!
Narrator: Habang patuloy ang pagsasaya ni Jerry sa kabilang dimensyon, ganito ang mga pangyayari.
Ale2: Ang lakas naman ng ulan! Kailan kaya titila?
Ale2: Ala, sino ‘to? Kanino kayang anak ito? Ang taas ng lagnat! Dalhin ko kaya sa ospital!
Narrator: Dinala nga ng babae ang bata sa Ospital. Samantala…
Tatay: Tina, Tina, Nasuyod ko na ang lahat ng tindahan sa palengke pero wala si Jerry dun!
Nanay: Sa’n kaya nagpunta ang batang ‘yun! Baka naman nagpapatila lang ng ulan, o kaya ay nasa kaibigan!
Tatay: Sige, hahanapin ko ulit s’ya! Dito ka na lang, alagaan mo si Junior.
Nanay: Mag-iingat ka!
Narrator: Ilang minuto matapos umalis si Alex, may dumating na isang balita kay Tina.
Kapibahay: Tina, Tina, bilis, si Jerry, ‘yung anak mo, nasa Ospital daw, nakita sa palengkeng nakabulagta, buti na lang at may nagmagandang-loob na tumulong!
Nanay: Ano, sang ospital daw?
Kapitbahay: Sa bayan daw, ako na muna ang magaalaga kay Junior, sige na puntahan mo muna siya.
Nanay: Maraming Salamat Nena, salamata talaga
Kapitbahay: Oo na, bilisan mo na!
Narrator: Sa kabilang dimensyon,
Anak: Tama na pagod na ako, nakakapagod din pa lang maglaro, tama pala si nanay kailangan tumulong din ako, asan na kaya sila?
Fairy2: H’wag mo ng isipin ‘yan, halika kain pa tayo, para makakapaglaro ulit tayo,
Anak: Mamaya na lang, busog pa ako eh, sina Nanay kaya busog na? Si Junior may gatas pa kaya, at si Tatay nakakain na kaya?
Fairy3: Ano ka ba? Hayaan mo na sila!
Anak: Sa’n po ba ang daan pabalik sa bahay?
Fairy1: Isang sagradong daan lang ang naririto, at isang beses mo lang itong pwedeng gamitin, kung babalik ka sa inyo, hindi ka na makakabalik pa rito, hindi ka na magkakaroon ng magagandang laruan at masasarap na pagkain, hindi mo na rin kami muling makikita at makakalaro.
Anak: Pero pa’no sina Nanay, si Junior at si Tatay? Baka nag-aalala na sila sa’kin.
(mahahati sa 2 ang stage)
Fairies: Halika na, halika na, masaya dito, magiging masaya ka na rin, maraming pagkain at laruan dito, hinding-hindi ka na magugutom, hindi ka na rin malulungkot.
With previous:
Nanay: Anak, gumising ka, nandito na kami ng tatay mo, hindi ka na namin pababayaan, gumising ka anak, hinihintay ka na namin nina Junior, gising na anak, para maging masaya tayong lahat sa pasko, Diyos ko, iligtas mo po siya.
(Tutuloy sa pintuan: Gigising)
Anak: Nay, Tay? Bakit po tayo nandito? Ano po bang nangyari?
Tatay: Mahabang kwento anak, sige na, magpaalam na tayo sa kanila, sana nag-enjoy sila sa panonood.
Nanay: Oo nga, mahabang preparations din ang ginawa natin diba?
Narrator: Nakabalik si Jerry sa piling ng kanyang mga magulang, naintindihan na rin n’ya na wala pala sa magagandang laruan, masasarap na pagkain, at magagarang damit ang tunay na kasiyahan, ito pala ay nananahan sa puso ng bawat pamilya, at walang katumbas na makamundong kagamitan.

Radio Broadcasting script?

SFOA 143.44
(St. Francis of Assisi- 3rd Year Level Representative)

1. Voice Over: to bring you the hottest news nationwide,
Live, Arjay Mendoza and Wenie Joy Manrique in…
2. Fade in- Station ID #1 (SFOA 143.44 Official Sound Track)
SFOA 143.44, be at your side forever, evermore.
Bringing you the hottest news of all, SFOA 143.44
3. Anchor 1 (Wenie): Here is the list of hot and sizzling news.
4. Anchor 2 (Arjay): Opposition senators visit Trillanes
5. Anchor 1: TGN attends 19th DSPC
6. Anchor 2: SPORTS News!
7. Anchor 1: Cycling wins first SEA Games gold for RP
8. Station ID #2 (Espionage)
9. Anchor 1: Opposition senators visit Trillanes who was recently detained at Camp Crame police headquarters, for the whole cover of the story here’s, Jhantzen Landicho, come in…
10. Music (Door Bell)
11. Reporter 1 (Jhantzen): Thank you Wenie, (report) back to you, Arjay.
12. Anchor 2: TGN attends the 19th Division Schools Press Conference, held at Baco District, in relation to this news, here’s Allen Balmes, come in…
13. Music (Door Bell)
14. Reporter 2 (Allen): Thank you Arjay, (report) back to you, Arjay.
15. Anchor 2: Sports News…
16. Anchor 1: Cycling wins first SEA Games gold for RP, to give us more details here’s Herzl Hermosa, come in…
17. Music (Door Bell)
18. Reporter 3 (Herzl): Thank You Wenie, (report) back to you, Wenie.
19. Anchor 1: SFOA 143.44 will be back after some sort of information.
Voice 1: Water…an essential element in our lives, giving us the greatest refreshment of all, What if there’s only a drop left? Will we wait for that to happen? Save the La Mesa Watershed
Voice 2: A message, from the Department of Environment & Natural Resources.
21. Anchor 2: We’re now back at our station, to give us some information about the 2007 English Festival, here’s Joyce Delica, come in…
22. Music (Door Bell)
23. Field Reporter (Joyce): Thank you Arjay, (report) back to you, Wenie.
24. Anchor 1: And that concludes our news for today, Hail MDOCHSians, say hello to another program!
25. Anchor 2: Once Again, it’s Arjay Mendoza
26. Anchor 1: And Wenie Joy Manrique, saying,
27. Anchors 1 & 2: MDOCHS Keep going on!
28. Station ID #1 (SFOA 143.44 Official Sound Track)
SFOA 143.44, be in your side forever, evermore.
Bringing you the hottest news of all, SFOA 143.44

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Julia’s Parent’s Lap

Jhantzen Landicho

One bright Saturday morning welcomed Julia. The ambiance was so refreshing. She joyously grabbed her bag, asked her mother three thousand pesos, walked out the door, called a taxi and went to the mall. That’s her routine every weekend, sometimes; she bonds with her peers and barkadas in a gig or trip.
As the car passed the old Church of Quiapo, she experienced an indescribable feeling which cheered her. It’s her first time to sense this kind of vibration. She doesn’t know why, and said, “Maybe God calls me, but why? Oh, I see, I haven’t gone in the church since these past few weeks. It will be much better if I’ll visit Him, right, good idea Julia.”
When she reached her destination, the huge and stunning Mall of Asia, she shopped and shopped and shopped, unaware that time is running…tik-tak-tik-tak.
After almost 12 hours of strolling, she noticed the time and was surprised, “Oh, my God, it’s already 9:30! What a wonderful scolding words my Mom will tell me, Oh, what will I do now, huh? My Dad will kill me! What have you done, Julia? What are you going to do now?”
She hurriedly run to the entrance gate and picked a taxi.
In her way home, the taxi she was riding on experienced some sort of problems, “Hey, Manong! What’s going on?” she said. Julia’s mouth is unable to be zipped, that’s why she kept on reprimanding the poor driver with her torturing words, “Is this what you call a car, well I guess it’s not, ‘cause it’s a junk! You better seek for a garbage collector; it will be more useful for him! Say goodbye to your useless car, hmmp!”
It’s the worst day for Julia at that time; she is now wandering on the street, seeking for the next taxi to ride on. She’s been standing there for almost 30 minutes but no sign of an empty taxi came into her sight. She decided to take some walk, for nothing will happen to her if she just stand and wait. After couple of steps, she reached the place where she said she will go, the Quiapo Church. She entered the place solemnly and uttered some prayers to the Black Nazarene. She realized that it was so late at night. An energetic old woman took a scene in front of her, offering her a yellow candle, the old woman said, “Take this candle for only five pesos, it symbolizes hope, it will surely help you in whatever turmoil and disorder that bothers you.” Julia did not regret to buy a piece because nothing will be lost on her; a simple five peso-coin is nothing to her. She lit up a candle and wished, “I’m hoping that someone will remember me and pick me up here.”
She walked out of the church and wait for someone…it was past 11:00, but nothing happens to her, she started to cram and lose hope, “Huh, that old woman is selling a worthless candle, promoting an insignificant thing is such a…” kring…kring a sound being produced by her cellular phone interrupted, it was her Mom who tries to call her, but how unlucky she was when her battery failed to supply energy to her cellphone. “Duhh! Julia, it’s irritating, what a very terrible day for you! Huh!”
An hour passed again, and this time, a bright light of a Mitsubishi car emerged, it was her parents. She was in high spirit seeing the two. She went to the car and ride while saying, “Oh, Mom, Dad, thank goodness you’re too caring for me! I was on my way home when the taxi I’m occupying met some sort of problems, I had no choice but to wait for another taxi, unfortunately, no sign of an empty car passed my sight, I waited for almost 1 and a half hour, then you showed off! Thanks!”
“Daughter it’s nice to know that you’re safe, we were so bothered that we started to search for you. I was trying to call you, but your phone seems to be shut off. We love you, Julia, me and your Dad. Take care of yourself.”
The car stopped at Julia’s Aunt’s house. “You better stay here for a while; we are to meet a very important person,” said her mother.
“But how did you know I was in the church?” said Julia.
“It’s not important, you better hurry, for your Aunt waits you, get inside, we’ll miss you, daughter, bye!” said Julia’s mother with a tear on her cheek.
As Julia enters the gate, her Aunt was crying and was rushing towards her.
“Why?” said Julia who was confused about the happenings.
“Where did you go?” said her Aunt.
“I was on the mall, as usual, shopping, I was stranded at the church so my Mom and Dad picked me up and brought me here, they said they’re going to meet a very important person.” Julia explained.
“Yes, they are to meet a very important person, and that is GOD, it was past 11:30 when an accident took your parent’s lives.” said her mourning Aunt.
“No, you’re kidding, they just brought me here! They’re not dead, you’re lying! Please tell the truth! No, they’re not yet dead! NO!” Julia shouted.
It’s been three years now since that incident occurred, but Julia doesn’t seem to recover, she can’t accept the truth, and that’s too painful for her, she’s not the Julia that we all know, she’s so different now, but she only wanted to have parents, the one who will let her experience, once more, the feeling to be in her parent’s lap.